Sight Options for Schmidt-Rubin Rifles

A number of options exist for those who which to supplement or replace the existing sights on their Schmidt-Rubin Rifles.  Some are available commercially, others are homemade.

The EAW  Quick Loc Scope Mount

The EAW scope mount is a no-drilling mount, for use with the K31.

The mount attaches by clamping itself onto the thumb groove on the right side of the K31's reciever.


Without Mount                                          With Mount

The rings are weaver style.

The mount is offset to the right, however, the scope does not interfere with ejecting the brass.

The EAW Quick Loc mount can be purchased from New England Custom Guns, although they have to be ordered from Germany, and will cost somewhere between $250-300 for mount, rail and rings.

Swiss Diopter Sights

TheK31 still remains popular for target shooting.  However, the factory sights aren't very conducive to target shooting.  As a result, the Swiss manufactured no-gunsmithing diopter sights for use with the K31.  

Photo courtesy of Bob Lorenz

The front sight simply slides over the factory front sight, and is screwed down.  Note: in some cases shimming is required.

Photo courtesy of Bob Lorenz

The rear sight attaches to the thumb groove, much like the EAW Sight.

Photo courtesy of Jim Pregga

The front sight uses replaceable inserts.  The inserts can be of the post or peep variety.  The rear sight has an adjustable aperture.

Diopter sights are extremely difficult to come by in the states.  They can be ordered from gunstores in Switzerland, but are quite expensive.  Expect to pay at least $225 plus shipping.

For a translated manual click here.

Experimental Swiss Sights

Around 1953 the Swiss began experimenting with electronic sights.

Picture courtesy of Gregory Smith

The sight replaced the rear sight.  The large box to the side is a battery to provide for low light usage.  The tests proved unsuccessful, and the scope only saw limited production.

Other Solutions

As the Swiss solutions are rare and expensive, many individuals have come up with their own means of mounting scope.  Note: most of the methods shown below permanently alter the rifle. neither condones nor condemns these alterations.

Adding target sights is a fairly common practice.

Photo courtesy of Roy Headrick

Above is a Williams Foolproof rear aperture sight, #FP-SW, made for the 1911.
Note: some wood had to be removed to fit the sight

Photo courtesy of Roy Headrick

Here a Lyman 17AML front sight replaces the 1911 front sight.


Photo courtesy of Bob Lorenz

Here we have a Tompkins Target sight replacing the front sight of a 1896/11

Photo courtesy of Bob Lorenz

A Redfield Olympic Sight is mounted on the rear.

Photo courtesy of Bob Lorenz

Detail of the modifications to the receiver.


Of course the modifications aren't limited to iron sights.

Picture courtesy of Pierre St. Marie

In the picture above, a dovetail groove has been cut into the left side of the K31s receiver.
The mount is then slide into the groove and bolted into place.


Photo courtesy of Chris Selfslag

Above is a homemade attempt a creating a scopemount.  Notice the mount replaces the rear sight.

Photos courtesy of Chris Selfslag

Above are some more detailed photos of the mount.


Photo courtesy of Franz Schmidt

Here is another homemade mount, which replaces the rear sight.  Note: this rifle mounts the scope
forward of the receiver, "Scout" style.

Be sure to check back from time to time.  As more folks send my pictures of their sights, I'll post them

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