St. Marie Graphics Swiss Scope Mounts

The following scope mounts are available:


The Drill & Tap Mount

The drill and tap mount is currently available for the K31.  1911 Rifle and Carbine Drill & Taps mounts will be available very soon.


Brownell's Stock # 100-000-726 (K31 Mount)
Graf & Sons Stock # STDTSP01



The Clamp-on mount

The clamp-on mount is only available for the K31.

Brownell's Stock # 100-000-725 
Graf & Sons Stock # STCOSP02


Diopter Sights

The diopters are currently only available for K31s.  Note: Both the rear and front mounts (not shown) will be able to accept Anschutz screw in irises.

Graf & Sons Stock # STDIOA03