The ZfK55 Sniper Rifle

To download the manual click here.

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A profile view of the ZfK55.  Note: the bipod legs don't lock.  It too me several minutes to balance the rifle.

The very impressive looking flash-suppressor.  Note: the standard K31 style sights atop the flash-hider and bayonet (?!?) lug below.

The forward barrel band.  Note the heavy barrel.

A side view of the scope mount.

A rear view of the scope mount.

A top view of the scope mount.

The right side of the reciver.

The buttstock and sling bar.

The scopes carrying case.  Note: the s/n on the case matches the scope and rifle.

A top view of the case.  Note: the scope only fit's in one way.  Also note the rubber disk to protect the scope and belt loops.

Scope and Case

Closer view of the scope.  The T-shape plunger at the base of the scope pushes toward the front.

A bottom view of the lugs.  Note the plunger.

Detail view of the top of the scope.

A half mounted scope.  The front of the scope is slide into the front mount.  The the plunger is pushed forward and the scope locks in place.

A mounted scope.  How well the mount retains it's zero remains to be seen.

Note the checkering on the pistol grip.

A rear view of rifle and scope.  Notice how the action is tilted towards the right.  The magazine is also at a diagonal. It is speculated the tilt changes the angle of ejection.  I intend to test this theory shortly.  

Top view of rifle and scope.  Note: the ZfK55 uses sights similar to K31 iron sights.

Another view of the pistol grip and trigger.

A view of the magazine and bipod.  Note the scallops in the wood to allow a side to side tilting motion.  Also, note the use of set screws.

A second view of the magazine.  Again, note the set screws.

A close up of the magazine.  Zf. Kar is short for Zielfernrohr-Karabiner.  No, I can't pronounce it.

Another profile view of the ZfK55


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