Target Sights & Sling

Brownell's Gunsmith Supply carries a Williams Foolproof rear aperture sight, #FP-SW, made for the 1911, and is not too expensive. (Pierre mentioned it will also work on the K31.) There are 2 holes to drill
and tap, on the "beltline" of the receiver, and my receiver was not so hard as to require special drills or taps. I added the Target Knobs, also from Williams through Brownell's.

Williams FP-SW rear sight, with Target Knobs.

I ordered two "long" knobs, then had to cut one to length, so a "long" and a "short" are probably right. There will be a small notch to cut into the stock for clearance.

Stock relieved for rear sight base. Don't forget to seal the exposed wood!

The Lyman 17AML front sight (same supplier) matches up nicely, giving a very good match-type sight picture on a bullseye target.

Lyman 17AML Front Target Sight.

Its male dovetail will need to filed down a bit to fit the female dovetail on the front sight base. It won't work on the bigger K31-type front sight.

Wanting a high-power type sling, I ordered Brownell's
Competitor Plus. (Really, this is not a commercial...)
To make it work, I ordered a second rear sling swivel
from GPC (There, see) and inlet into the stock
fore-end 26 1/2" ahead of the existing rear swivel.
The existing front swivel was cut and filed off the
band, then the area polished and cold-blued.

Brownell's competitor Plus sling, dyed dark, and its new front swivel.

An oval of self-adhesive bathtub no-slip material (Wal-Mart) makes the steel buttplate less slippery. I also put the no-slip on my K31 buttplate.

Existing rear swivel, and oval of no-slip.

The heart inletted into the buttstock is for my missus - good wives are scarce and dear!  The Swiss rifles have been a lot of fun for me, I hope
you enjoy yours as well!

No-slip on K31 buttplate.

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