Adjustable Trigger Overtravel Stop for K31 Rifle


A truly elegant overtravel stop for the K31 seems difficult to design - this one makes up for it lack of elegance by being pretty simple.

Right view of adjuster screw head.

Left view. Sling is home-made, also not so much elegant.

Remove the magazine and the two action screws, and remove the trigger-guard/floorplate unit.  On the plate's upper surface, make a mark halfway between the back of the trigger slot and the spotweld
where the back of the trigger guard bow joins the plate, and centered side-to-side.

 Halfway between trigger slot "S" and guard bow  "B", from side.

Same from above: Slot "S", guard bow "B", adjusting screw hole "X".

Centerpunch, drill, and tap for an ordinary scope mount screw, usually a 6x48, requiring a #31 drill bit. The screw needs to be about .350" overall length.  To keep the screw from working loose, put one or more
centerpunch marks on top of the trigger plate, right next to the hole.

Small centerpunch marks, keeps screw in place.

We want to deform the threads just enough to keep the screw from turning freely. Reassemble the rifle, and adjust the screw until the trigger contacts the screw head just as the sear breaks.

  *Because of the odd trigger pivot geometry, it may be possible for the trigger to move after contacting the overtravel stop.  If you put a lot of pressure on the trigger AFTER the break, the stop acts like a 3rd
fulcrum. (The first 2 being on top of the trigger.) With normal trigger control, the trigger stops quite happily where it's supposed to. At this writing, mine has worked well for 60 rounds.



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