Adjustable Trigger Overtravel Stop for M1911 Rifle


Remove magazine and bolt, and barrelled action from stock. Note trigger is pinned to a long, slightly curved sear bar.

Trigger "T", sear bar "S".

This sear bar has a hook on top, facing forward, that hooks over a crosspin in the receiver trough, and a spring at the rounded front end.

Sear bar hook "H", sear spring. One end of crosspin shown at "C".

To remove, push in on the front of the sear bar, against the spring, and push or pry the bar gently to the rear. Watch for the spring flying out!

Looking up at bottom of receiver, showing crosspin "C" and seat for sear spring "SS".

You will need an adjusting screw, 1/2" to 5/8" in length, size 6x40 or better 6x48. Drill and tap a hole for it up through the front of the sear bar, centered in the radius of the rounded end. It must pass up
through the inside of the sear spring, centered in the coils.

Adjusting screw, installed.

Re-assemble the sear bar and spring to the receiver WITHOUT the adjusting screw in place, as the bar has to slide over the partly compressed spring.  Replace the bolt, and with the firing pin cocked and ready to fire, (We double-checked that the chamber is
empty, didn't we?) thread the adjusting screw in until it just gently bottoms against the receiver. Now  loosen the screw a little at a time, until the rifle will just fire. Count the turns back to bottom. Remove
screw, locktite the threads (see note below) and re-install, back to the bottom. Count the turns back out to the correctly adjusted position.
Drill a small relief in the stock for the screw head.

5/16" - 3/8" diameter hole drilled into stock, 1/4" deep or so, for clearance.

Dab a little stock finish into the hole, when that's dry, you can reassemble the rifle.

Note: Don't use permanent locktite - the adjusting screw must be removed to get the sear bar out and back in again. Also, while everything is apart, why not (Carefully!) polish the small humps on top of the trigger, and the flat on the tang they rub against.

Good Luck, And Enjoy! 

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