Stanley from New Zealand's Schmidt-Rubins & Accessories

Below are some pictures from his personal collection.

Stanley's two K31.  The both are stocked with Walnut, different stains account for the 
difference in color. 

Full View of  K31 and fore view of K31 mounting a 1889/11 bayonet.

Both K31s, the bottom with target sights and 3 edged weapons.
Top. 1889/11 Bayonet
Middle: STGW.57 Bayonet
Bottom: Officer's Dagger 

Top view of K31's with added sights.
Top: K31 with aperture sights
Bottom: Add-on adjustable tangent sight.

Stanley's K31 fitted with commercial bipod for target shooting.
Note the 1889/11 bayonet, muzzle cover, and magazine

Close-up of add-on aperture sights.  As viewed from rear.

Close-up of add-on aperture sights.  As viewed from front.

Issue ammunition, including a tracer (top, left) and practice round (top, right.)

Full view of Dagger, Stgw.57 Bayonet, and 1889/11 Bayonet in scabbards.

Blade forward view of the 1889/11 Bayonet, Stgw.57 Bayonet, and Officers Dagger.
The hilt decoration on the dagger is a hold-over from the days of horse mounted cavalry.
It's purpose was to retrieve a dropped knife or sword, however, as edged weapons
became ceremonial, so did the wrist cord.  Thanks to Bruce Egli for the information. 

Also note the logo on the Stgw.57's blade near the hilt.  According to Stanley...
"The photo "Titled" Close up Hilts (bayonets) have you noticed the
Pro-Tell Logo Laser engraved close to the handle of the FAS 57 Bayonet.
Well this has been added after wards as a souvenir." 

Close-up of hilts.

An Officer's SIG P210. 

"The SIG 210A is a collector item extremely valuable and unique. The one I
hold is in immaculate conditions and come with the original leather
shoulder/waist sheath. This particular model was the first model issue to
Swiss army officers. Manufactured to 10000 units only. Note the "P"
(private) marked on the trigger guard, and also the flatness of  the "bolt
release and Holder" It shoots with extreme accuracy (even at 50 meters).

P210 with .Practice Kit. 

According to Stanley ..."The smaller Barrel on the 
photo fits INTO the existing barrel. The Green primer fits into the back of
the "Placebo" empty case (by hand) and the top small round projectile (lead
of ~4,0mm diameter) fits on the other end of placebo (by Hand) Then placebo
is placed via open bolt into the chamber and BANG. I tell you what Big Lee
very powerful, deadly and cheap to run........ the pin mounted in a washer
is the primer extractor." 

Thanks Stanley for all the wonderful pictures.


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